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TOYOTA (2,871)
NISSAN (920)
HONDA (622)
MAZDA (314)
SUBARU (241)
SUZUKI (279)
ISUZU (58)
HINO (33)
BMW (341)
AUDI (132)

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Best Deal for Botswana

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Year: 2002
FOB: $714
Year: 2009
FOB: $950
Year: 2003
FOB: $761
Year: 2003
FOB: $11,902
Year: 1984
FOB: $6,868
Year: 2010
FOB: $590
Year: 2008
FOB: $5,600
Year: 2010
FOB: $2,758
Year: 2005
FOB: $1,500
Year: 1997
FOB: $2,093
Year: 2013
FOB: $25,241
Year: 2008
FOB: $1,150
Year: 2009
FOB: $2,188
Year: 2008
FOB: $1,294
Year: 2000
FOB: $4,565
Year: 2004
FOB: $999

New Arrivals for Botswana

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Year: 1992
FOB: $8,521
Year: 2014
FOB: $8,896
Year: 1996
FOB: $9,677
Year: 1992
FOB: $12,300
Year: 2012
FOB: $3,729
Year: 2001
FOB: $14,057
Year: 2007
FOB: $1,687
Year: 2015
FOB: $19,485
Year: 2012
FOB: $950
Year: 2018
FOB: $58,577
Year: 1991
FOB: $7,400
Year: 2018
FOB: $30,810
Year: 2008
FOB: $9,160
Year: 2006
FOB: $1,300
Year: 2012
FOB: $14,607
Year: 2006
FOB: $3,187
Year: 2006
FOB: $1,372
Year: 2006
FOB: $1,873

Customer's Voice from Botswana

Mr. S M



Seller:CardealPage Co., Ltd.

7th Oct 2015

Customer who purchased a car from CardealPage Co., Ltd.

Dear Inacio,
Thank you for the affiliate program mail. I will attend to it as soon as possible and get back to you .
Meanwhile please find the attached photos for your reference.


Dear Mr. S,

Thank you very much for your photo.
It is the first time we receive a photo from a customer from Botswana.
I hope with your help we can sell more cars in your country.
I am looking forward to receiving your registration on our Affiliate Partner Program.

Yours Sincerely,

City Delivery Service

~ We deliver to your city! ~

All vehicles bound for Dar Es Salaam, Durban & Mombasa will need port clearance once the ship docks at the port,
This process involves a lot of paperwork and understanding of the whole car clearing procedure.
City Delivery Service will give you an opportunity to receive your vehicle hassle-free and safely at your address.
You can leave it up to us to deliver right up to your city!


In case of delivery to GABORONE via DURBAN, we recommend to pay Customs Clearance Fee and Import Duty before receiving your vehicle.Vehicle will be delivered to the specified location.


  • 1.Save Money

    CardealPage will take care of all the paperwork. This means it will save you the hassle as well as money from the need to forward the documents on your side.
    Furthermore, CardealPage is able to offer you inland freight service (City Delivery Service) at very reasonable rates.

  • 2.Save Time

    No need to leave home on a long journey to collect your vehicle at the port!
    You can use City Delivery Service to deliver it right up to your city!
    very reasonable rates.

  • 3.Delivery with Peace of Mind

    CardealPage will give you live and frequent updates on the location of your vehicle. Any theft, accident or damages during delivery is covered, so you can just sit back and relax!

Car Import Regulations and Duty

  • Shipping Ports : Durban , Walvis Bay

  • Age restrictions : No age restriction

  • Roadworthiness Inspection : No inspection required

  • Other restrictions : Right Hand Drive

  • Import taxes rates : Duties 30-65% if the car is for outside SADEC region , VAT 12% ,
    Excise Tax 5-35%

  • All information above is subject to change without notification.
    Please contact your local customs clearing agent and inquire for latest updates.