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What causes black or white smoke to come from a diesel car’s exhaust?


Diesel engines are commonly associated with black smoke spewing from the exhaust, right? You can often see, on uphill slopes and the like, trucks spitting out black smoke from behind. I will tell you the reason why diesel engines produce black or white smoke. Black smoke and white smoke are signals of a dangerous engine Care must be taken when black smoke, white smoke, or both are emitted from the exhaust of a diesel engine. Depending on the cause, this may be a sign of a malfunction or failure of the engine, so if you leave it as it is, ...

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6 common causes of the engine warning light turning on


When the engine warning light turns on, it indicates that trouble has occurred inside the engine. Various problems could cause this, but at this time I will introduce six common causes. Causes There are a lot of reasons for the engine warning light to illuminate. The most common cause is due to abnormalities being detected by sensors attached to the engine and its surroundings, or breakdown of the sensor itself. O2 sensor The O2 sensor is a sensor that measures the concentration of oxygen (O2) contained in the exhaust gas and reads the combustion state of the engine. If there ...

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The car engine does not start! How to determine the cause


A car engine suddenly not starting can make you panic, right? I will inform you of common causes of this from the symptoms when the engine does not start. Symptom # 1: Ignition key does not turn (push start button does not respond) Cause 1: The steering wheel lock is applied Normally, when parking the steering lock is not applied. However, if you turn the steering wheel left or right after parking, the steering wheel lock will be activated as a theft prevention function. In this state, the ignition key will not turn. In this case, you can unlock it ...

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The battery warning light does not light up when the battery is broken


When the battery warning light turns on while driving, it can make you panic, right? Actually, the battery warning light turning on does not mean that the battery is broken. I will tell you why the battery warning light illuminates and how to deal with it. What is the role of the battery warning light? The battery warning light is a warning light that lights up when there is an abnormality in the state of charge of the battery. Generally, the battery of a car is 12 V, and around 14 V while running, but it is voltage below a ...

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How long will a car battery last, and when should you replace it?


How long is the life of a car battery? Here, I will write about the signs of the end of the life of the battery, and the ideal time to exchange it. Life of a car's battery The lifetime of a typical battery is about two to five years in an ordinary gasoline car. The reason that it varies from two to five years is that the lifetime of the battery depends on how the person uses their car. In addition, the lifespan also changes with the quality of the battery. If the price is cheap, its life may be ...

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Noise and vibration from the engine! Why does knocking occur?


If there are unusual sounds that have never been heard from the engine or vibrations that are different from usual, it makes us very uneasy, right? Perhaps the engine is causing "knocking". What kind of phenomenon is knocking? Knocking refers to a phenomenon in which abnormal noise and vibration are generated from the engine. These sounds can be heard as a kind of "rattle rattle", "cancan cancan" or "kinkin kinkin". It is called knocking because noise sounds like the sound of knocking on a door. Why knocking happens There are several types of knocking. For each type, I will introduce ...

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What will happen if diesel put into a petrol vehicle?


You are supposed to fill a diesel vehicle with diesel and a petrol (gasoline) vehicle with petrol. What would happen if you put incorrect fuel to the vehicle? I will explain the symptom the vehicle may have when you have accidentally pumped diesel to a petrol vehicle and vice versa-. Symptoms of incorrect fuel contamination Putting petrol to a diesel car It will lower the engine power significantly if diesel has been mixed with petrol in the fuel tank.  Also, some other unusual symptoms may be seen, for example, odd idling, the engine noise, vibration, or black smoke from the ...

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Is Your Engine Oil Gradually Depleting? Here Are Some Reasons Why


Engine oil is different from gasoline, basically it should not decrease. However, it may do in some cases. I will introduce the causes and the remedies in these cases. In the case of a sudden drop in oil level Engine oil depletion is commonly known as an "oil leak", but there can be many causes. Easy to notice Causes Oil pan damage Engine oil accumulates in a place called the "oil pan" under the engine. If the oil pan hits something, cracks or holes may appear, and engine oil will leak from here a lot. In this case, the engine ...

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When is the Best Time to Replace Engine Oil?


Every car engine has its own engine oil inside. Since these engine oil will be used up and deteriorate after use, there is a need to replace it periodically. In addition, it is also necessary to change the oil element according to the period of use as well. So when should we replace it? In this article, we will introduce you the appropriate time to replace engine oil and oil element. Role of Engine Oil Engines are divided to several types, but what they have in common is that friction occurs between the parts inside the engine. When friction occurs, ...

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How to Choose Engine Oil for Beginners and All the Necessary Knowledge


When you say engine oil, there are various kinds of oils that are sold from various oil manufacturers. For beginners, you will most probably having a trouble in choosing one yourself. So in order to know which oil works best for your car, we will be explaining to you the differences between the varieties of oil that are available, such as viscosities and standards. Types of Engine Oil Depending on the combination of the manufacturing methods and standards, there are many types of engine oil that are being sold in the car shop. Manufacturing Method of the Engine Oil Base ...

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