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TOYOTA (2,644)
NISSAN (994)
HONDA (711)
MAZDA (378)
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SUZUKI (262)
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New Arrivals for Micronesia

Year: 2017
Year: 2006
Year: 2014
Year: 2015
Year: 2013
Year: 2007
FOB: $1,253
Year: 2014
FOB: $7,187
Year: 2011
FOB: $6,848
Year: 2012
FOB: $12,102
Year: 2010
FOB: $2,360

Recommended Japanese Used Cars for Micronesia

Year: 2013
FOB: $16,563
Year: 2004
FOB: $1,780
Year: 2001
FOB: $5,051
Year: 1997
FOB: $1,650
Year: 2012
FOB: $7,986
Year: 1998
FOB: $8,928
Year: 2011
FOB: $6,665
Year: 2013
FOB: $6,117
Year: 1991
FOB: $5,632
Year: 1989
FOB: $4,862

Customer’s Voice from Micronesia

Mr. Y.Y



Seller:CardealPage Co., Ltd.

8th Jan 2014

Customer who purchased a car from CardealPage Co., Ltd.

Dear Yunus San:
Allow me to report about the X-Trail I bought from you.
On February 26, 2014 about 10:00 a.m. the Kiowa Hibuscus ship arrived at Pohnpei Port in which my used car I bought from was on board.
Trought complete crelance it was released to my wife Karmerina S. Yamada.
The X-Trail was great, nice and attreactive in its look. It is also macanicaly satisfying. It was released after my wife serrender all the documents you e-mailed to me. There was a little problem when we could not show the original Bill of Lading. However, when we showed them the surrendered copy of the B of Lading. They finally released the vihecile to my wife.
Today the vihecile is at our house running, helping our needs.
Thank you very much and God loves you and your family, plus other staffs who are doing great services to the people,
Keep the good works.

Bye and God bless,

Thank you very much for your warm words and positive feedback.
We are happy to hear that you received your car in very good mechanical condition and enjoying it.
We`d love to do more and more business together.


Car Import Regulations and Duty

  • Shipping Ports : Chuuk , Kosrae , Pohnpei , Yap

  • Age restrictions : No age restrictions

  • Roadworthiness Inspection : No inspection required

  • All information above is subject to change without notification.
    Please contact your local customs clearing agent and inquire for latest updates.