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Seller :CardealPage Co., Ltd.

5th Jul 2016

Customer who purchased a car from CardealPage Co., Ltd.

Dear Sirs,

Good afternoon.
By this message I am pleased to inform that I am in possession of the good car you sent me.
I have not seen it yet because I am in Mali but my driver and my wife told me it is a clean and in good condition car. Everything is ok.
Here are some picture of the when in Burundi. Thank you again.

Yours Sicerly

Thank you very much for sharing your photos.
It makes me smile, and I am happy to hear you received the car safely and liked it.
I hope you and your family have wonderful time with the car.

Thank you again,



Seller :CardealPage Co., Ltd.

25th Jan 2014

Customer who purchased a car from CardealPage Co., Ltd.

Hi Yunus,
Hope you are doing fine,
Please find attached a photo of my wife (who now owns the Colt), and two of my children.


Thank you very much for your e-mail and beautiful photo of your children.
I am happy to hear that madam is enjoying driving the car.
We are confident that it will serve you for a long time without any fail or problem.
Please keep watching CardealPage and let me know if you or your friends need any other unit.


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